Web Hosting & Web Services

At Dcodes, we take pride in our all-inclusive services. We provide excellence throughout. During the build of your website we register the domain name, and prior to website development we provide web hosting solutions. From creation, to management and everything in between, you can trust us with it all.

Let Dcodes register your domain name and enjoy the benefits that come with a distinctive web identity. Get your desired domain name and witness your web presence and business flourish. Depending on the function of your website we will assist you with acquiring a suitable top-level domain.

You can opt for a proxy registration if you have any safety concerns. Rest assured, we comply with all relevant guidelines, thus ensuring the safety of your domain name and website. Your website will be renewed by our expert workforce well ahead of time, so you can continue to stay in control.

Our web servers are capable of storing your website’s required data. The network they are connected to offers lightning fast speed. Unlimited space and easy access is ensured through our high power servers. Upload as much content as you need to on your website.

With Dcodes you will experience 99.9% uptime and will never have to settle for less. Browsing through your website will be an absolute delight for your consumers, as web pages and content will load instantly. We have dedicated data center’s to meet your web hosting needs. Use our services and discover great bandwidth, amazing speed and outstanding security