At Dcodes we have developed a procedure which more than satisfies the demands of our clients. Our systematic approach consists of the following steps:

  • Step 1: Collecting Detailed Information: We conduct meetings with clients to understand their requirements. The discussion includes particulars about the function of the website, target audience and current marketing techniques. The objective behind the creation of the website is also discussed. This information helps our team to form ideas for the successful execution of the website.
  • Step 2: Creating a Tender: Using the details collected during briefing, we develop a concept and provide an estimated budget. We also create a timeline keeping in mind the deadline so that the project is developed on time. This proposal is presented to the client.
  • Step 3: Conception of Design: Some basic layouts are created, which are then customized to suit the purpose of our client. The client then chooses the most suitable one, from the options available. We gladly fine-tune design ideas provided by our clients and feedback or suggestions from them are encouraged and welcomed.
  • Step 4: Development of Design: The option chosen by the client is developed. A site map is created and the front end and back end coding is done. The developed website is efficient and easy to navigate for the target consumers of our clients.
  • Step 5: Testing and Implementation: After the website is developed we test it. Clients can check to see if the site fulfils all their requirements. We also provide necessary information and knowledge of any software required to manage the site. After all the relevant tests are performed we launch the website.