Google Analytics

Utilize Services Offered By Google to Earn Greater Profits

Analyzing customized strategies assists in understanding how websites earn profit, along with tips and techniques to maximize this profit. One can benefit separately from both Google Analytics and AdWords, however, linking these two accounts to the website and to one another makes it easier for one to analyze the benefits offered through advertisements along with one’s website.

Importance of linking Analytics to AdWords

It is possible to analyze the activity of customers along with traffic through Google Analytics, this might however remain quiet fruitless if one does not obtain the right information. We assist you in linking these accounts and analyzing the traffic and sales that come in through advertisements, and making strategies for further improvement of ads.


Goals and transactions of Analytics can be imported to AdWords as conversions. We develop strategies which help you improve your ads, based on these reports generated through the combined accounts.

Through your Analytics account you will be able to track the source or strategy through which the customer approaches your website. This gives you a chance to enhance or plan similar strategies. Through e-commerce tracking every Analytics report will be converted to a version through which you will easily understand the revenue you are generating. You can also track any goal, like page visits, visit duration or any other event, to analyse the conversions.

The website engagement data from Analytics can be viewed in terms of AdWords along with most popular keywords usually used for searches. Internal site search feature of Analytics allows it to search all keywords users search for on your website. Once these keywords are known, better advertisements can be created to obtain the maximum returns for every ad.

If you have a particular set of potential customers you want to focus on, it is quiet easy to analyze their requirements and set up advertising campaigns accordingly through Google Analytics. We can modify your Analytics account by creating remarketing lists that focus on a particular group of users and audiences of your website.

In order to make the most of what you pay to advertise through AdWords it becomes necessary to know the number of clicks and costs of each click. Through this connection you will be able to view site engagement data through Analytics alongside click and cost data through AdWords.