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CMS Development

A CMS or a Content Management System does exactly what its name suggests. Such systems are incorporated into websites to manage all forms of content and to increase customizability. At Dcodes we understand the importance of a user friendly website that can easily be maintained by its owners. Hence, we bring you proficient content management systems.

Advantages of using a CMS:

  • Cost efficiency: A CMS is cost efficient since, after it is installed the regular services of a web designer will no longer be required. Individuals with basic computer knowledge can easily maintain this system.
  • Better & bigger business opportunities: The incorporation of a CMS to your website gives it a high end look and adds several user friendly features. An excellent website is guaranteed to increase business opportunities, market share and profits.
  • SEO Compatible: To achieve high page rankings and to be visible in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) a CMS is essential. Managing a website using CMS ensures rich and regularly updated content and an attractive website. Google only displays websites that fit these criteria.

Some more advantages of using a CMS are:

  • Creation, editing and management of content becomes incredibly simple.
  • All areas of your website will be accessible to you.
  • Easy implementation of workflow.
  • Maintenance of quality and reviewing content before it is published is possible.
  • Multiple authors can post content.

At Dcodes we offer comprehensive and competent CMS development services for existing or new websites of our clients.

We work wonders with CMS websites by:

  • Customizing themes, templates, fonts, colors and every aspect that leads to an excellent tailor made website.
  • Enabling various authors/users to post different forms of content.
  • Using a CMS that comes fully equipped with plug-ins and add-on scripts that serve numerous purposes.
  • Adding a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor to the client’s website, thus, enabling owners to easily change the look or content of the website.
  • Organizing and recording each change made by the client to the website.
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