Export import business implies an organization that exchanges of products and services over the land fringe of a nation.
Export Import Business aimed at Small and Medium companies who aspire to take their business to International markets, helps for the exporters who wants to expand their marketing base with different marketing techniques. Right platform for the new entrepreneurs who wish to start some business in Exports or Imports.

  • Establishing your firm for International Business
  • Product Focus Market Research for your product
  • To get genuine clients and reliable sources
  • Social Media as a Marketing Tool for Export-Imports/Local

Why to do Import & Export?

Any dynamic youth or businessman or professional thinks to come in the field of foreign trade or services because of following attractions….

  • Earning more profits:- We can get more prices for our product or services in foreign countries. So we can earn more profits.
  • Earning benefits & incentives from the Governments:- In exports we are earning foreign currencies for our Country, so Government gives different benefits & incentives on the exports. In India we gets benefits & incentives in MEIS, SEIS schemes, EPCG, Advance Authorisation, MAI, MDA, EOU, EET, ASIDE etc… (after getting technical knowledge in import & export one can easily understand these terms)
  • Earning foreign currencies for our Country:- This is a patriotic effect of exports. Our each and every invoice can bring foreign currency in our Country.